Altar Servers
Serving our Community
The Ministry of Altar Servers, sometimes called Acolytes, is among the earliest of all liturgical roles, second only to the ministries of priests and deacons in terms of history and closeness to the altar.

In the early Church, altar servers were usually adult men who were preparing to become deacons and priests. Until the Second Vatican Council, only boys could be servers, because only men could be priests. Today, it is still true that only men can be priests, but now servers do not need to be studying for the priesthood. So, in 1994, the rule was changed to allow girls to assist the priest at Mass and do all the tasks that altar boys have always done.

To be an altar server is both an honor and a privilege. Pope John Paul II once said to altar servers: “Your commitment to the altar is not only a duty, but a great honor, a genuine holy service… The altar server occupies a privileged place in the liturgical celebration… Therefore, in the liturgy, you are much more than simple ‘helpers of the parish priest.’ Above all, you are servers of Jesus Christ, of the eternal High Priest. Thus, you, altar servers, are called in particular to be young friends of Jesus” (General Audience, August 1, 2001).

Altar servers assist in the celebration of the sacred liturgy through the sharing of their talents and contribute to the spirit of prayer through the reverent way they perform their tasks. At St. Rosalia – Regina Pacis, altar servers serve the people of God in a variety of liturgical celebrations, including: weekend Masses, holy days of obligation, weddings, funerals, Holy Hours, Stations of the Cross, prayer services, penance services, and parish mission services. They participate in different activities within the parish community as well.

Catholic children who have received First Communion are welcome to participate in the Ministry of Altar Servers. Beginning altar servers are trained by the Altar Server Coordinator (Father Ruiz), supervised at Sunday Masses for at least three months, and commissioned at a special ceremony. During the school year, all altar servers receive additional training to prepare for holy days and special liturgies.

If you would like more information on the Ministry of Altar Servers at our parish or to register your child/children, please contact Father Ruiz or call the parish office at 718-236-0909.
Prayer Before Serving
Father in heaven,
your Son, Jesus Christ,
showed his love for you
by serving his needy brothers and sisters.

I now ask you to give me your help
as I serve you and your people.

Open my mouth to praise you
in word and song.
Open my ears to hear your Word.
Open my hands to do your work well.

Take from my heart all evil
and distracting thoughts.
Help me to know what I should do,
and do it well.

Help me to serve reverently
at your holy altar,
and to give you praise and glory,
now and for ever.

Prayer After Serving
Lord Jesus Christ,
you are the eternal High Priest.
You lead all your saints in heaven
and your people on earth
in praising God, our Father.

Thank you, Lord Jesus,
for letting me come before your altar,
so that, with your help,
I can praise my Father in heaven
as his server.

Help me find joy
in serving at your altar.
Help me find gladness
in knowing and doing your will
in all things.

Glory to you, Lord Jesus,
and to the Father
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
is now
and will be for ever.
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