You have decided to be married and the community of the parish of Saint Rosalia-Regina Pacis wishes you well and prays for you as you prepare for your wedding day and your married life.

Your requested donation is $1500 with a $250 non-refundable deposit PLUS a $200 refundable late fee. The donation includes the services of the organist.

You will want to preserve the memories of this sacred day and so photographers will be welcomed, as will videographers. However, they may not photograph from the sanctuary or the sacristy. Additionally, since we must maintain a proper reverence for God's house, we cannot allow bridal parties to come back into the Church to use it for pictures. All guests should be reminded about the sacredness of the moment and should act and dress accordingly.

The celebration of marriage in the Catholic Church is a beautiful experience of God's love made manifest in the love of a man and a woman. The love you share is made holy by the Sacrament of Marriage or the Church's Blessing.

What is the difference between a Nuptial Mass and a ceremony?
A Nuptial Mass may be celebrated for two Catholics This is a wedding during a Mass. Holy Communion will be received. This is generally not done for the wedding of a Catholic and a Christian of another denomination because of the fact that the non-Catholic would not be able to receive Holy Communion. Also, the Mass is not permitted by the law of the Church for a marriage between a Catholic and someone who is unbaptized. In these cases, a ceremony is celebrated. It is a Catholic marriage but without the celebration of the Eucharist.

There is much more to preparing for your marriage than just preparing for your wedding day. That is one day but married life is a lifetime.