Frequently Asked Questions
How about flowers?
Flowers help enhance the environment. Flower arches cannot be permitted since they block peoples view of the sanctuary. We would ask that you not have petals thrown in church or use tape on the pews to hold flowers or lighted candles. Please limit the flower selections as much as possible. It is our hope that the following will answer some questions as you begin the journey of preparation.
What about the procession, time, photographers and other guests?
We would ask that you limit the number of people in the actual wedding party. Also, it is best to avoid having small children in the procession since most often they get nervous and do not walk up the aisle as you would expect.
It is important that you be on time for the ceremony because there are many celebrations in our church. If you are scheduled to have a 1:00 pm ceremony, for example, we will begin at 1:00 pm. This means that you need to arrive at the church at least 15 minutes before that!
What music is available?
For a liturgical ceremony like a wedding, we use sacred music. Assistance is available for your selections by contacting
our director of music through the rectory at 718 236.0909.
Who can be married at Saint Rosalia-Regina Pacis?
If one of the couple is a Catholic, the wedding can be celebrated at our church; however, a person's own parish community is the proper place to celebrate a wedding.
If both bride and groom are from another parish, a letter of release will be needed from the couple's pastor.
Can we have a rehearsal?
Rehearsal is offered on Fridays at 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm and can be booked after all the requirements are met.
Is there a fee or donation?
There are many expenses associated with a wedding and for the celebration of a wedding in church, there is a donation expected and appreciated. The church obviously has expenses and we must meet these.
What documents will we need?
There is a lot of preparation for a wedding. Part of this involves getting the proper" documents. Here is 3 checklist of
what you will need:
Bride & Groom need a NEW baptismal certificate (issued within the last 6 months)
Letter of release from your own pastor if both bride and groom are not parishioners at Regina Pacis.
Testimony of Freedom to marry For both bride and groom together. Forms will be provided.

Marriage license
It is valid for 60 days and obtainable at the City Clerk's office. Their number in Brooklyn is 718-802-3581 and there are offices in all boroughs. Please deliver it to the rectory at least one week prior to the ceremony. A wedding cannot be celebrated without it.
Pre-Cana Preparation
All couples must attend a pre-Cana marriage preparation session. They are held throughout the Diocese and there are several options available to you. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the session(s).For more information, please contact:

Marriage Ministry, Diocese of Brooklyn
Phone: 718-229-8001 ext. 342