The celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage in our parish is a joyful occasion for everyone. Here, at Regina Pacis, we try very hard to make sure that everything is perfect for your wedding. Many people on our staff are involved in this effort: parish secretaries who prepare documents, church sacristans who prepare for the ceremony, maintenance people who make sure that the church is spotless and in order for your guests, our music director who is an integral part of the celebration, and, of course, our priests who prepare you for your wedding and have the joy of celebrating the Sacrament with you.

Our fees cover all these people and also help us to pay for heat, light and air conditioning, when needed. Considering all the money that you will be asked to spend on things like flowers, dresses, tuxedos, limos, and, of course, the reception, you will no doubt understand that our fees are minimal in comparison, and are taking care of essential components of your celebration.

The one fee (offering) we ask of you covers all these people on staff. There are no other charges or fees. This fee is completely tax deductible.

Apart from this practical explanation, we are talking about the Celebration of a Sacrament which will take place in the Church, which is the house of God. It is the most sacred place we have in our neighborhood. This is why Catholics are required to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage only in a Church. We are not "...using a space or renting a church," we are coming before God's altar to ask His blessing and His help. Please keep these things in mind as you begin to prepare for your wedding.

Our complete fee for a wedding at Regina Pacis Church is $1500 plus a returnable "late fee" of $200.
The $200 "late fee" will be returned to you IF:
- All papers, documents, fees and civil license are submitted to a priest no later than one month before the wedding; and - The ceremony begins no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time. (Out of respect for the next wedding or service, wedding ceremonies which begin later than 25 minutes will forfeit their time slot and will be asked to wait until after the next wedding is over. Also, a scheduled Nuptial Mass which must begin more than 15 minutes late will be changed to a simple ceremony instead.) After making the non-refundable deposit ($250) which secures your date and time, the remainder of the fee ($1450) can be paid over time so long as it is fully paid one month before your wedding. These payments can be made by cash or credit card. We hope that you realize that we were forced to make this regulation in fairness to other couples and the schedules of our own parish staff and activities."
May God Bless you as you prepare for this most important day in your lives.

Out of consideration for all the preparations which the Parish must do for proper celebration of your wedding, along with a growing unfair practice of lateness with the ceremony, it has become necessary to ask you in advance to deposit a fee of $200 which will be mailed to you after your wedding IF all has gone properly.

Our hope is that we can eliminate any last minute problems with paperwork and documents which sometimes endangers the celebration of the wedding itself. We are also hoping to make sure that couples are considerate of those whose wedding may be after theirs. Lateness of one wedding can cause the following wedding great problems. Some of these are: family members and guests who have to stand outside in the heat or cold until the previous wedding has left; overtime charges by limo companies and musicians because the previous wedding stayed too long, etc.

This late fee must be paid in addition to the current offering at the time all paperwork is submitted, that is, one month before the wedding. It will be mailed to you after your wedding IF:

The ceremony began no later than 15 minutes after it was scheduled;
All paperwork and documents (including the license has been submitted to a priest ONE MONTH before the wedding;
All fees have been paid one month before the wedding. N.B. A ceremony which must begin later than 25 minutes after the scheduled time will be re-scheduled to begin after the last wedding of the day has taken place.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.